Holding Hands and Bowed Heads

Nov 18, 2013

Thanksgiving pastMy heart overflows with thanksgiving for so many things –

blessings of health

and blessings of care

but probably at this time of year more than any other

my heart turns toward home

and the blessings of loved one He has placed in my life.

Life was not always  easy growing up at a time when black and white TV was exciting

and the 5 and 10 cent store was the norm  but it was good.

Yes, it was good.

My parents worked hard to provide for my two brothers and sister and I

and Thanksgiving always was celebrated together

holding hands with heads bowed

thanking the Lord for His many blessings.

Memories of those days of long ago

and those thanksgiving prayers

warm my heart today many years later.

Some things have changed

but that sense of living bowed before His Presence remains.

Knowing that He is our Lord and that He is the One Who provides for us.

As I begin gathering extra potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin and cranberries

and order the turkey- yes, the biggest turkey-

Thanksgivings of the past become one with Thanksgiving now.

May my heart bow low before Him

alive with the wonder that He is the same. Always the same.

Love enfolding all our hearts and drawing us to Himself

for His Purpose and Peace.





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