How Do I Do That?

Sep 14, 2022

The early morning light cast shadows across the page of my familiar Bible as I read it.

Walk in the Light.

How do I do that? I pondered. I always ponder most when I’ve been to Maine.

I am recently home from a refreshing time there among the smell of the sea air and the pines.

How do I walk in the light?

Every day I see more bad news. Every day I hear of more heartbreak and pain.

How do I

one simple woman who is growing older by the day

walk in the light?

I know the familiar phrases…

I long to be like Jesus.

Walking in the light is for followers of Him.

But how do I walk in the light when darkness is on every side?

For you were once darkness, but now are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light. Eph.5:8

I’ve seen a lot of life in my 73 years.

Special moments.  Wonderful  times but also great tragedy and devastating heartbreak.

Although my walk in life has never included murder or robbing a bank or what we might call big sins,

I know the battles of selfishness, pride, and so much more.

Walk in the light.

Those words press into my thoughts again.

It’s a call and a promise.

Intentionally living my life as Jesus would…

Focused. Committed. Passionate in being His hands and feet

here in my world.

Seeing a need and stepping forward to help.

Giving encouragement when I encounter despair and sorrow.

I am different than those around me and so I must live differently.

Letting Him mold me and melt me into Jesus on the cross whatever way He Wills.

And the promise?

We have the Holy Spirit dwelling within

enabling us to do what we could never do in  and of ourselves.

His Power. Not mine.

His Will. Not  mine.

His time. Not mine.

Walking in the light.

Shining like a brilliant star in the midst of the dark sky.

Brightening up my small corner of the world.

“May I help you?”

“Let me carry that heavy bag for you?”

“I’d be glad to do it.”

Let’s shine together

you and I.

I believe we can make a tremendous difference as we walk in the light.

A difference that this dark world desperately needs to see.




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