How Is Your Story Coming?

Nov 17, 2011


Everyone has a story. Everyone writes their life story one day at a time. All too often we forget that we have a part in how our story unfolds. We have an important role in how our story ends. Are you writing your story with an eye on the ending you desire?

 My story began a good many years ago. It’s one filled with highs and lows. But throughout my story there is a constant thread of faith in God. There have been times when I didn’t know how my circumstances would unfold but I knew that I never was alone.  His Presence gave peace in the darkest valley and a song that continue to sing within me. How about you?

 Keep your eye on the end of your story as you live one day at a time. What do you want to accomplish? What desires live deep in your heart? Write them into your story?

You have been created in love for a purpose. You matter much more than you think.

He longs to give you a life that matters as you trust in Him.

 Today is a gift. Write your story well. Fill it with deed of kindness. Give a smile. Send that encouraging note. Take the time to share another’s burden. As you do, your story will shine purpose and meaning.

 You are the author.  I’m cheering for you as you write your story today.



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