If You Read Just One Post, Read This

Jan 3, 2015

I wish that someone had told me when I was young.

I wish that I had read a book or newspaper on this topic

but somehow I missed it and I don’t want you to miss it too.

It is so important

and when you know it I’m sure that you will agree.

In a world where noise often drowns out music


Yes, that’s it.

Everyone is born with a song.

Children sing with abandon early in life

but that song usually is muffled and the tender voice quieted as the child grows.

But your song

is part of who you are. Like your hair and your eyes.

Sing your song now.

Yesterday I heard it. Yes, two times I stopped in my tracks and listened.

First, when I was out on a winter morning run.

All of a sudden I heard this glorious song from somewhere overhead.

I slowed my pace and scanned the trees

looking for that musician that accompanied me on my early morning run.

But I never saw my feathered friend.

For the rest of the day though I remembered  the lilting qualities of that song.

And then later in the day

I was downstairs working

when suddenly I heard this gorgeous singing.

This time I knew who it was.

Yes, my youngest daughter was filling our home with beautiful music. Spontaneous. Filled with joy.

Her song.

So special

Especially remembering that when I first met her

she did not sing at all.

No, the song was silenced within her

and it took years to draw it out.

Years of patient nurturing.

But today her song peals forth with ease

and I love it.

Thank you, Lord.

I didn’t discover my song until later in life but today it sings itself naturally.

How about you?

Are you singing your song?

Do  you even know your own song?

We read articles about dressing for success and polishing your resume

but until you discover your own song

you will merely be an echo of someone else.

You are marvelously created and given your own unique song.


Sing it out for all to hear.

Without your song our world is missing something very special.

Don’t forget this important reminder.

Deep within your soul

is a song

just waiting to be song.

Your song.

SING YOUR SONG, my friend,

and have a wonderful new year.snowy day 12 snowy days 6


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