Increase Your Energy; Tap Into Your Joy

Oct 14, 2011


Well, I see the signs everywhere I go. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and Christmas is not far behind. How are you doing with that reality?

Many people I know begin stressing as soon as they see the first Christmas catalog in the mail and hear the first indication of the holidays approaching.

Packed schedules and low bank accounts leave everyone scratching their heads and wondering how in the world they will be ‘ready for Christmas’.

If you find yourself low on energy and wondering how you will make it through the holidays this year then this group coaching class is for you.

 Beginning Tuesday October 25 I am offering 3 sessions:


Increase Your Energy; Tap Into Your Joy


Only $25/per session


 Childcare  provided

 Call ahead to reserve your place at 540-825-1134

 I can’t wait to share with you skills and strategies that will enable you to begin to build your energy reserves and discover your joy. Yes, this one is for you!


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