It Takes More Than Eyes To See

Oct 7, 2013

nubble-with-seagullWhile Delta airlines is checking to see how a 9 year old slipped through

and boarded a flight without a ticket,

my heart wanders to so many who apparently are invisible in today’s world.


the elderly,

the poor and needy

the sick and many, many  others.

More and more I’m hearing stories of ones who simply are ignored or passed over

causing great harm and sometimes their life.

Their voice is not heard or valued.

My heart weeps

and longs to do something,


Did anyone see this boy?

Did anyone watch him?

All alone in that big airport,

no parent, no adult by his side.

Or were they all so absorbed in their own activities that they didn’t even notice him?

Children need supervision, care, protection  and more.

Yes, a lot of kids do fly alone today and maybe that’s why it wasn’t noticed

but still….

Not one question. Not one?

My heart longs to light the way so that we see what’s going on around us.

For  there is One Who loves and sees all.

He draws near to every lonely, aching soul

and cares.

He calls us to open our eyes and see;

to step forward with hearts of compassion and sincere help

and do what we can.

May it not be just another story of a runaway boy

but a reminder  in the midst of the busyness of life.

Yes, sometimes just asking a question can be the first step in the right direction.

May the simple paths that I walk shine brightly with possibilities and hope

as I my heart longs to see more clearly

and love more dearly

in my ordinary world today.






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