It’s Time To Spring Into Action

Mar 6, 2014

iceThe drip drip drip outside my window reminds me that warmer weather has come

and my heart rejoices and sings.

For days the temperatures have been bitter and the winds harsh. My lovely daffodils covered with ice and snow. But I know that in time

Yes in time

Spring will come.

Spring always comes

for you and for me.

Life’s seasons can be hard for people too. Have you noticed?

The stoop of that man is more severe

the light in her eyes has faded

the bounce in his step is missing

and her song has not been heard for days

or weeks or sometimes months

Aging like a harsh winter storm can slow the step and quench the joy.

Loss after loss can suddenly freeze the very heartstrings

that used to sing so easily.

But suddenly

In sometimes the most unexpected ways

the warmth of God’s love shines forth with healing love

because He knows.

Yes, He knows our deepest need

and cares. He bends close and wraps us in His Light and Love

whispering words of encouragement and hope.

Sometimes He uses the kind words of friends and family.

Sometimes even a simple comment

to warm the heart that beats but with painful effort.

“Winter is not forever,” He gently whispers.

“Spring is on its way and then everything will bloom once more with vibrant color and pulsating life.

You’ll see. Listen to the drips.”

And so I do.

Drip, drip, drip out my window today. It is warmer and the ice is beginning to melt.

Big chunks of ice are rapidly melting

while the birds flitter and sing  all around.

All nature knows

and we must too.

Spring always comes!

Life looks different through the lens of winter.





but truth is often hidden as deep beneath the surface

life awaits for just the right time.

Springs always comes, my friends,

and with that in mind

plan the gardens, make those vacation plans,

order the swimsuit  and buy those flip flops,

take out that outline and blow off the dust.

It’s time to do something with Spring in mind.

For it will come. Yes, it’s just around the corner.

Let the Sun of His Smile move you to action today.

Spring always comes. So with that in mind, what will you do today?






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