Just Suppose You Could Change Your World

Apr 6, 2016

Just suppose you could do something that would change the world…

If only

If only

If only

The sights and sounds of a country halfway around the world come to my mind.

The poverty

the aching need

the hands outstretched

But I am only one. And I already have many responsibilities.

From time to time I’d read over profiles of little ones waiting to be adopted

and I’d wonder.

Whatcha doin’ Mom?

Oh, just looking I’d say and quickly click off the page.

Why bother looking.

My home is full- my life is full

and my age is… well.. older.

But that longing refuses to be stilled.

Days and weeks go by and I’d search and pray

hungering to do something for children around the world.

Until one day I saw a little girl with big brown eyes.

Eyes that called for care;

Eyes that cried for help

And I responded. With joy overflowing my daughters and I became a sponsor

for this little girl in Peru. Her birthday was the same as my youngest daughter.

We wrote letters and rejoiced whenever we’d receive a letter back

telling us how she was doing. The progress she was making.

Colorful pictures drawn by this mysterious but deeply loved child.

Our hearts were now in Peru.

Pictures showed us that she was growing taller and doing well in school

and so we decided to stretch a little more. Dig deep.

So we chose another little girl.

Little Clarissa from Brazil was 5 when she became our second sponsored child.

Actually my oldest daughter claimed her and hearts once more became entwined.

The days we receive updates on our sponsored daughters are special ones.

At Christmas and birthdays we remember these precious girls growing up with very little.

Although they live miles and miles from me

They are held close in my heart.

It takes so little to change the world.

Just one person doing what they can for another.

But that was not the end.

No, the other day I saw this picture. A little girl with big brown eyes smiling at me.

And I knew like I’ve known every other time

she was mine.

Little Allison is only 2 with a birthday falling the day before mine.

She lives in Columbia.

That first day I found myself looking again and again at her photo

But it wasn’t the right time.

So I waited and prayed. Three sponsorships? Could we possibly stretch that far?

But I knew that I had to say yes. We talked it over.

Dig deeper time. A sacrifice so small but with great dividends.

So with great joy we took on the acceptance of another little girl.

Three sweet girls, ages 7, 6, and 2 have joined our family.

And we look forward to doing what we can to support them as they grow.

Education, clean water, learning about Jesus and most of all knowing that someone cares for them.

It takes so little to change the world.

Just one child at a time.

And one day if I’m able I want to visit these girls

and learn more about their world, their life.

I want them to know that there is love in this world

and that He brings us together

to love and care for each other.

So just suppose you could do something to change your world….


You can.

There are so many children who wait for sponsors. Won’t you consider it?



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