Learning From Nature

Jan 5, 2012


Early this morning I went out for a brisk walk with my youngest. Together we walked, talking all the way, our breath coming out like small puffy clouds. Cheeks cherry red from the January cold. Eyes sparkling in the cold sunlight.

 As we passed the pond close to our home I noticed the ducks. How did they manage the cold? God had given them all they needed, I guess. I shivered as I pondered for a moment the life of a duck in January.

 We stopped for a few minutes the breeze whipping around our necks and focused on the beauty of the frozen icicles nearby. Against the backdrop of a brilliant blue sky we watched a single seagull wing its way overhead.

 There is much to learn from nature, isn’t there? The pace is regular. Peace abounds. Like the ocean tide coming in and out, nature also has a soothing flow. Harmony.

 I find that the longer I am out in nature, my own body relaxes. Have you noticed? Stress is reduced. You just feel better all over.

 Friends, let’s learn from nature. Make the time to get outside. The more time you spend outside, you will notice a difference in how you feel. Problems don’t loom as big. Schedules weaken their iron hold. Patience is the way.

 No matter what you are facing today, let me encourage you to take a few minutes and longer if you can, to go outside. Open your eyes and see. Listen to the sounds of nature.

The Greatest Giver has surrounded us with a beautiful world. You and I were made to enjoy it and to learn from it.

 And as we do, it will become healing for our souls.



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