Let The Light Shine For You Today

Feb 10, 2014

1798566_10201753137646557_2117107_nThe cold winds of winter rip against my jacket

and flip my scarf as I go about my daily activities.

I long to enjoy all these moments but I must admit there are times

that the harshness of the season stirs within me

a longing to fast forward to spring –

a time when the warm gentle breezes delight my soul

and the blooming flowers encourage my heart.

But for now it’s winter.

Outside my home is a lamp post

whose light has refused to come on for weeks.

New light bulb and all

but still it refused to shine.

Until suddenly last week at a most unexpected moment

I noticed

the light was shining brightly

and my soul rejoiced with wonder and surprise.

At almost the same time I remembered  those familiar words of the psalmist

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23: 6

Brilliant light flooded my soul as these precious words came to mind.

All the days – spring, summer, fall and most of all winter.

Goodness and mercy will follow me.

They are here

following me as I race inside to the warmth of home

and dash outside again to get in my car again.

God’s goodness and keeping are mine

His mercy surrounds my life.

I do not understand it but I know that it is true.

For me

and for you.

He is with us – tenderly caring for us and knowing our human struggles.

Let the light come on today wherever you are.

Glorious oceans of warming light as your heart is touched with His eternal Love.

And as we muse together on His Love

together we dwell in His Keeping.


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