Light In The Darkness

Apr 9, 2012

A number of years ago I was shopping I downtown Charlottesville and noticed a painting in a store window. I could easily have passed by without giving it a second thought but something in the painting spoke to my heart.

It was a time in my life when things were changing. A friend was moving away leaving an ache that only God could fill.

For days, I prayed for peace and comfort.

I asked for contentment in the midst of change.

I waited knowing that He would meet my need. Somehow. Someway.

As I walked on the downtown mall the lovely colors of blooming flowers in this particular painting caught my attention.

“Just a minute,” I said to my daughter moving closer to the window.

“Oooh, that’s beautiful,” she said putting words to my thoughts.

We both gazed for a few long minutes and then stepped into the store.

There I saw Kinkade’s work – painting after painting that touched my heart. Yes, we enjoyed a feast in looking.

From then on whenever we went  to Charlottesville I made it a point to stop in the gallery just to have a look.

And one day I saw it.

This same painting that I had noticed that first time was available at a price that I could afford. The winding pathway with the hint of a figure far up the path, spoke peace and assurance in the midst of a hurting world.

I recognized that figure on the path. It was Jesus. The One Who had been there for me throughout all of life. But like the figure in the painting that could only be seen in a certain light, Jesus more often than not hid in the shadows of life.

It didn’t take long for me to decide to purchase this treasure.

Today it still hangs in our living room continuing to bring a sense of peace and comfort to our home.

People have different opinions about art. That makes sense since we are all so different.

But for me, Thomas Kinkade expressed through his painting a world of peace and hope.

Yes, he was a painter of light. He touched the hearts of many people through his gift.

Sadly, his life ended quite suddenly.

But his work will go on. His books and his paintings will keep touching people for years to come. I only pray that my life too keeps blessing others for as long as I have time.

Join me in being a light in the darkness, won’t you?

The need is great.

The time is now.

Before it’s too late.



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