Listen To The Heart

Dec 1, 2011


Many years ago I longed for a doll. Not just any old doll. No, I yearned for my own special Tiny Tears doll. I remember walking to the nearby Five and Ten Cents Store in Saugerties NY and wandering the long aisles until I found her.  Her eyes that opened and shut whispered to me that one day she would be mine.

Well I saved my nickels and dimes all the while talking with my Mom about her. But she cost too much and the likelihood of my ever owning mine own Tiny Tears doll was slim.

But I dreamed. I prayed. And as any six year old girl I pleaded within for this doll.

That Christmas of so long ago everything seemed to go on around me as usual but my heart was fixed on that precious doll. Even though I sang in our children’s Christmas Eve service and made chains and chains of red and green to hang on our Christmas tree that year, my heart was held with a Hope. A wish. A child’s longing.

That Christmas I awoke very early and along with my two brothers scrambled out of our beds and stood at the top of the stairs waiting for my parents to say we could go downstairs to the tree. My Dad had the record player on playing some Christmas music. The lights were all shining and finally I heard the magical words.

“OK, Merry Christmas.” Joy and excitement abounded as our feet scampered down those stairs. My eyes scanned around the bottom of the tree. They anxiously looked and looked.


    there she was.

 Dressed in her bright blue dress and smiling up at me.  My heart almost burst with joy that Christmas morning so long ago.

Today she rests in the bottom drawer of my dresser. Beautiful still to me and always reminding me to listen to the heart dreams. They are there for a reason.

In the midst of the Christmas bustle it’s important to listen to your heart. Pay attention to those longings. Let them draw you deep within to that place where you know Love and you glimpse the real meaning of Christmas.

And then let yourself move out into a dark world and light Christmas for another this year.

Years from today they will always remember.

Won’t you join me? It’s a choice you won’t regret.


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