Live One Day At A Time

Nov 29, 2011


Well, how’s it going?  Although the calendar says it’s still November I sense Christmas in the air. My mail is overflowing with sales catalogs. My email also overflows with reminders to buy now before it’s too late.

I wonder about that. The continued pressure to buy, to decide, to go, to sign up. It’s the pressure that can potentially rob us of the peace in today.

So what can we do?

Life one day at a time.

Yes, stay in today.  We are not meant to still be living in yesterday. No, yesterday is gone.

We are not meant to live in tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come.

Life is meant to be lived one day at a time. One step forward. A measured pace.

Oh yes, you discovered it too, haven’t you? When we borrow the decisions of tomorrow and place them upon today we are instantly overloaded. It’s too much. Although we all must glance ahead in order to prepare and plan for the future, that is different from living in tomorrow while it is still today.

So breathe slowly. Take time for that extra cup of tea. Step outside and take a walk.

Enjoy the wonder of today, today.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.