Lord, It’s So Hard To Wait

Oct 10, 2013

image02Waiting is so painfully difficult.

Praying, pleading for God to answer

to do something


To step in and give some small glimpse of His Glorious Presence and Mighty Power.

But the sun sets on one more day without any sign

or trace of hope.

Nothing at all.

Waiting can be so very hard.

Where are you, Lord?

Do you hear my prayer?

Do you see?

I’m tempted to force a solution –

To push invisible boulders out of the way like Sarah of old

Foolish flesh

Impatient spirit

“Learn to trust Me,” He whispers.

Behind every wait our Father works

tenderly, lovingly, carefully preparing the way.

His Time will never be hurried.

Many wait for years and years

tear stained prayers

on bended knees

Outstretched hands and open mouths.

Waiting is so very hard.


when the answer comes

after so many days and months and years of waiting

joy breaks forth with  symphonies of praise

and glorious overflowing.

Angels singing as I slowly begin to realize that He’s teaching me to trust His Will.

Humbled soul bowed low in worship as once more His Love washes over me.



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