Love Across The Storm

Jun 15, 2015


I’ve often looked out my window

and watched the rains pour

covering the earth with much needed moisture

for all the flowers to grow.

And my heart has sung songs of rejoicing

just thinking of the colorful blooms and fragrant flowers.

But when troubles abound and burdens are heavy

do I often think about the blessings to follow?

Sadly, I don’t.

But I’m beginning to see

that this is exactly what I need to do.

Yes, as those trials bear heavy on my weary soul

and it’s difficult to keep putting one foot in front of the other

and the rains of problems and difficulties increase

and the stormy challenges grow.

It is then that we must remember to think past the storm

and remember the flowers of blessings

To think beyond the burden to the fragrant graces that will surely come.

The Father blows His love across the storms in our lives

always bringing forth beauty and blessing to those who trust in Him.

How about you?

Do you see the possibilities?

The fruit?

The fragrant graces?

Look beyond the present problem

and see the fruit.

Join me, won’t you, in looking beyond the storm.

See His Love across the storm.

It makes all the difference.



  1. Gregg Gustin

    Thank you so much for this, and other writings of yours that I’ve discovered this day. Your prose resonates within my dry and thirsty soul, bringing refreshment, renewal and newfound hope.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I hope you visit again and discover refreshment and hope.


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