Missed Opportunity Or Mighty Blessing

Jun 24, 2014

I’ve seen him before walking the streets.

Very old. All alone. Slowly making his way to wherever he goes.

There was something about him that always caused me to wonder

what his story was.

People need the Lord. How will they ever know….

The words of the old song remind me that I am surrounded by people

on every side who need His Love.

Early this morning I was out for a walk – fresh morning breezes, sunlight sparkled moments

and I saw this same elderly man walking up ahead of me.

Do I go and introduce myself? I debated for a second.

I could so easily just keep walking my normal pace and stay uninvolved

or I could take a step towards him and see what happened.

‘We are called to take His Light

To a world where wrong seems right.”

So I quickened my pace with my daughters by my side and caught up to him.

“Excuse me, please. It’s a beautiful morning isn’t it and I just wanted to say hello.”

He raised his head and looked at me

and smiled.

Smiles bridging hearts in an instant.

I introduced myself and he told me his name.

And then I mentioned the Lord. That God loved him and was with him.

Suddenly he lifted his face heavenward and spoke,

“Yes, I can feel Him.”

Joy overflowing as we shared a few more words and then parted.

It is all too easy to look but not see the people we pass every day.

Open my eyes, Lord, I pray and help me to reach out and touch people in Your Name.

Every one is a walking book just waiting to be read but sometimes the quickened pace of life

and the multiple demands upon our time can pull us into a narrow, self focused life.

That few minutes of conversation lifted my spirits higher than the clouds overhead this morning

because I know that it’s just the beginning of something special.

God arranged moments are filled with extraordinary blessings

that cause a ripple effect touching so many lives.

So who do you see?

Have you been meaning to speak to someone but it just never seemed the time?

Have you planned to make that call but the days and weeks keep going by?

Reach out and take that step, won’t you?

It will take you out of your comfort zone and into His Grace like nothing else will do.

Can I share your burden today?bridge

Let me give you a smile or buy your groceries.

Life can be hard and filled with many difficult moments

but we are not alone. No, there is One with us urging us to build bridges with those close by.

How about it.

Who do you see? Look with your heart.




  1. Gail @ BibleLoveNotes.com

    Love this sweet story. So true that we can touch lives in the simplest ways when we think about those around us. Love his response “Yes I can feel Him.” : )

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Gail. It was a moment that glowed with heavenly light. Especially when he lifted his head and said those words. God knew that they would deeply move me. Thanks so much for writing, Gail. You have blessed me today.


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