Moments That Warm My Heart

Jan 26, 2017

“Good morning, Miss Brani.”

My heart beat with joy

and instantly I was carried back years and years ago

to a time when I sat at my desk and greeted my first graders each school day.

Smiles and laughter.  Giggles and a chorus of voices.

Moments that I will treasure forever.  Ten thousand special moments.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to experience that again.


But this is what is so amazing.

Today as a coach I am able to work with people who live anywhere

Both here in the U.S. and even overseas.

I am equipped and available to help folks dealing with a variety of challenges.

People who are longing to grow and move forward in their lives.

So if you happen to be one of my former students

or not

please feel free to contact me about coaching.

I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Joann Pullen

    You are one of my fondest memories from my childhood I am forever great full for having them opportunity to have such a wonderful person in my life.

    • SharonBrani

      I am the blessed one, dear Joann. Please know that I am always here for you. <3

  2. Autumn Smith

    You were one of my favorite teachers. Always so sweet & kind.

    • SharonBrani

      Dear sweet Autumn. You have not changed at all in my heart. Seems like yesterday when I was blessed to spend day after day with you. such a treasure. Thank you for writing.

  3. Sarah

    You are a positive role model to us all and you continue to help others with your compassion and faith in love and humanity!! So honored to have been one of your students ??

    • SharonBrani

      What joy to find your comment this morning, Sarah, I appreciate your kind words and also am so encouraged by seeing your life. I am so proud of you and always will be.


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