More About Little Things

Sep 22, 2011

Pay attention to the little things.

Life has taught me the importance of not only the power of little things but also the great damage that can result from one little thing.

 Ignoring something cooking on the grill for just a little  time can cause a fire which destroys the homes of many.

A small leak caused my water bill to skyrocket in one month. A little thing.

A small hole when ignored becomes a big hole sometimes beyond repair.

The slight lift of an eyebrow can cause great pain. A sarcastic tone of voice. An unreturned email.  Withholding doing something good.

All of these are seemingly little things that can cause great pain and have long-lasting results.

Let’s pay attention to the little things.

In our world which quickly rushes from one season to another, from one activity to another, it is all too easy to not even realize the pain we cause by some seemingly little things.

Yes, there is power in small things. Power for good but also power to inflict harm.

 Life is too short to ignore the little things. Something may be calling for your attention today.  Transformation begins when we not only see the need but also take the steps to change.

 Let’s pay attention to those little things. Won’t you join me?



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