Mourning’s Not Forever

Apr 16, 2012

Nothing could have surprised me more than to discover that Elsie, Jenny’s pet hamster, had died. A few hours before she had been playing with her ball and apparently fine. But then we found her lifeless at the bottom of her cage.

Now when you are 12 and this is your ‘very own for you’ pet, this is a big, big deal.

Death is never easy but up until now Jenny had experienced advance notice. This was the first time that it caught her by surprise.

It caught all of us by surprise.

I didn’t think I would grieve the loss of a hamster but I did.

Through the night I thought and prayed about making this a teaching moment.

Only a few hours before we had sung around the piano ‘Because He Lives’.

The words came back to me during the long night hours.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

Because He lives, All fear is gone.

But it hurts, Lord, to lose what we have grown attached to.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

Because He lives all fear is gone.

Lord, help me to lead her into a life that trusts you no matter what.

From the moments I held this little girl I have tenderly parented her.

Life in the Russian orphanage had not been easy.

She was fragile and easily shut down.

Because I know Who holds the future.

Yes, the future. That’s the key. Helping her move forward into the future.

Remembering with love. Nothing would ever take the place of Elsie.

But embracing God’s gifts today.

Together Jenny and I went to the pet store. Just looking, mind you.

But we saw Tinker Belle at the same time.

Black and bigger than Elsie, this gerbil reminded us immediately of our beloved black lab, Savanna.

“Would you like to…?”

“Yes, Mommy. Yes,” she said giving me a big squeeze.

So now we have a new gerbil reminding us that one of the gifts of life is that it goes on.

We didn’t need to wait 6 days…or 6 months. No pet will ever take Elsie’s place.


And life is worth the living just because He lives.


Life is meant to be lived fully. To embrace all the moments, feel the pain and celebrate the victories.

Never allow yourself to become numb to the essence of life.

Mourning is not forever.

Today is a new day. Fresh and pulsating with life.

Live it.

And let Him live it through you wherever you are today.


* Because He Lives, lyrics by Bill and Gloria Gaither



  1. bornattwentyfive

    Sorry for the loss of your daughter’s pet hamster:( This post was really inspirational and I’m sure you comforted and inspired your daughter as well.

    • heartprintscoaching

      Thank you for your kind words. Praying that it will inspire and help someone today along life’s journey.


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