Moving Forward

Oct 7, 2011


Life is filled with challenges. But it is all too easy to get stuck in our challenges and never move beyond them. In doing so we stop our growth and fuel an inner passivity.

Remember there are always options.

When you get an unexpected bill you can either increase your resources through spending less or selling something. When you have a relationship difficulty you can either look for ways to resolve the issue on your own, or seek the counsel of another. You can make an opportunity to communicate further and listen to the concerns of the other or you can write out your thoughts and share them. And there are more options.

As you begin to think about options and steps that you can take you will find yourself thinking of even more ways to resolve the issue. It is in taking small steps forward that we learn and grow.

So what challenges are you facing today?  Let’s come up with a plan of action.

Write down specific steps that you can take to resolve the issue. And above all pray for wisdom. There is One Who knows all and is willing to give wisdom to those who seek it.

Have a great weekend. Let’s keep moving forward.


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