My One Hundredth Birthday

May 5, 2023

It was many years ago but the memory of it still brings a smile.’l

My first graders wanted to celebrate my birthday

and quite spontaneously I said “Let’s celebrate my one hundredth birthday.”

Giggles and cheers filled the room.

“I’ll celebrate it now since I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to enjoy it then.”

They plotted and planned my birthday using reading, math and writing skills.

Then on that day so long ago but still fresh in my memory

they had a huge cake covered with lots of icing and flowers and pink and whites.

Happy Birthday Miss Brani

Happy One Hundred.

What a time we had.

Well the years have come and gone and I haven’t reached one hundred yet

but I’ll remember that celebration for as long as I live.

Birthdays are for celebrating.

Life is for celebrating.

Friendships are for celebrating.

God is the author of every celebration.

He is the One Who not only breaths into us Life

but He is the One Who continues to give us life.

Its all about Him, isn’t it?

I sometimes don’t celebrate enough.

Life can get so busy and filled with endless things to do

but life itself is to be celebrated.

Children do it better than adults, don’t they.

Puppies celebrate very well as they run around.

So this birthday I’m planning on celebrating it well

and thanking God for the Gift of HImself.

Without Him I would be nothing.




  1. Noelle

    Absolutely love this and you. You’re so sweet to me.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you sooooo much for leaving a comment. Such a big encouragement.


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