One Single Red Rose

Feb 12, 2016

It was an ordinary day

turned extraordinary in a second.

When he handed me the single red rose suddenly

it was as if  the world glowed with brilliant light.

He had no way of knowing. To him it was a rose.

But to me it was a glorious, gorgeous, beauty.

As I held the crimson beauty memories of other red roses came to mind.

Each one significant.

Each one unique.

Each one a cherished gift. But that was then and this is now.

Fragrant beauty of all flowers.

Majestically spreading its rich aroma all around.

One single rose.

Gracing my life with beauty.


The power of one.

My life – a rose.

Like light shining through the fog of confusion.

Wherever I am planted

blooming in His garden. Blooming in a slum.

It matters not.

Trusting His care and provision.

Knowing that there is a plan and a purpose

for this single rose.

Grateful to be His beauty.

rose feb 14-1


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