Open Your Eyes Today and See

Jul 23, 2014

Today is a bright copper penny day

and a shiny silver dime.

We were talking together this morning as we ran.

My youngest daughter and I.

One of those special heart to heart times

where the conversation just flows as we ran side by side.

I cherish these times more than I can language.

In the midst of the conversation I happened to mention gifts.

Yes, that we are surrounded every day on all sides with gifts.

It makes a great difference when we focus on these gifts that God has given us.

Write them down I encouraged

ten new ones every day.

All around us are 10,000 and more gifts.

and so we talked back and forth

When suddenly she looked down.

“A penny,” she cried and stooped to pick it up.

I glanced at the bright copper penny shining and smiled.

All around us are gifts

that more often than not we fail to recognize.

How many pennies have I passed by simply because I didn’t see them?

We kept on running and talking back and forth

when suddenly I noticed her stop again.

I looped back and saw her pick up another coin.

“A dime.” Her eyes met mine.

All around us are gifts

if only we look.

Slow the pace,

glance around,

look to see

expect it

and you too will see special gifts

treasured reminders that you are not alone

and that He has surrounded you with gifts to behold

to brighten your day.

It’s a bright copper penny day

AND a shiny silver dime.

Amazing treasures that set the tone.

How about you?

What have you noticed today?

Just look

you’ll see!bright copper penny days


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