Pass It On

Apr 18, 2012

Counting my blessings, naming my gifts leaves me with one conclusion – I must pass it on. I must……..

Good health, two wonderful daughters, the opportunity to serve as counselor for some and life coach for others, friends, family, and so on.

But life all too quickly passes by and I long to pass on the gift.

Listening in the silence reminds me that the race is His, my life belongs to Him and He knows my yearning to do more.

Our world is filled with great needs. It screams for help and relief.

My heart sometimes gets overwhelmed as it seeks to make sense of the pain.


Life with a purpose has meaning and focus.

To know Him and make Him known.

To show in simple, ordinary ways that He loves and cares about everyone.

That no one is insignificant.

Pass it on.

Years ago we sang that song around a campfire. I can still see the faces of others reflected in the light of the fire as we raised our voices together.

It only take a spark. To get a fire going.

Remember it?

That’s how it is with God’s Love. Once you’ve experienced it.

You spread His Love to everyone

You want to pass it on.

My life is passing all too quickly.

Homeschooling, working, errands, paying bills. One moments after another.

One mess to clean up after another.

Pass it on.

Mission trips are out of the question right now. Adopting again……..well, unlikely.

Pass it on.

I need not go overseas to do spread His Love.

No right here I can do it.

My heart beats easier.


But I hunger to do more. I yearn to give more.

To wade into the world of need and pour out my life.

Broken bread. Poured out wine.

2012. The clock beside me ticks on.

I want the world to know….


Today. Listening to the heartbeat of our world and doing what I can.

Pass it on with me, won’t you?



* Pass it On-Kurt Kaiser lyrics



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