Rainbow Moments

Jul 10, 2014

Day after day of sweltering heat.

Problems and pressures. Needs to be met.

Night after night of tossing and turning. Praying and praising in time with the turns.

When suddenly on Tuesday there was a surprise. A glorious, magnificent, wonderful surprise.

It rained and poured and shook our cozy home

Like shaking out all of the struggles and mysteries as yet unresolved.

Blowing winds and pelting rains

made me wonder if we’d stand secure.

When suddenly I heard those simple words

“Maybe there’s a rainbow”

and I jumped from my seat.

Raced to the window and noticed the sun shining brightly on the houses across our way.

I looked up at the dark sky

and wonder of wonders

what did I see?

But the most gorgeous double rainbow smiling down at me.

“Look outside,” I called and we grabbed for our phones and darted outside.

Ohs and ahs all over the place

Deep within me I whispered a prayer of thanks.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of your Love and Grace.

Thank you, Lord, for showing it in amazing display.

And thank you, Lord, for saying once more

that I love you

and will never forsake you.


I’m holding rainbow moments to my soul, dear friends.

What about you?

His Grace is sufficient for whatever your need.

Don’t ever forget it.


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