Reach For Your Best

Oct 28, 2011

What one thing should you eliminate from your life because it holds you back from reaching your full potential?

This question continues to challenge me as I plan for the future. Does it challenge you?

I encourage you not to dismiss it but to chew on it and see what thoughts you might have.

We have focused on the importance of good eating habits, getting adequate sleep, and exercise. But let’s consider our thoughts.

Many times I have worked with folks who have everything going for them. Their hearts are right. Their physical habits great. But there is one thing lacking. Their thoughts tend to be negative.

Yes, thinking negatively is like sand in the machinery. It holds you back. Slows progress.  Retards growth. Keeps you stuck.

Sometimes our habits of thought have been set since childhood. It takes intentional action to change them to a positive direction. But it can be done. Thinking positively changes everything. It unlocks energy.

Pay attention to your thoughts today. Challenge them. Ask yourself is that really true?

What holds you have from reaching your full potential today?

Listen to your thoughts.