Reclaiming Your Life

Aug 24, 2022

Everybody struggles.  It is true.

Some struggles are more obvious than others but still we struggle.

For me, since I was in an accident a few years ago, I’ve avoided busy, fast paced roads.

I didn’t trust myself to handle the pressure.

I didn’t trust the other drivers.

I didn’t trust at all.

But this morning as I ate breakfast and was reflecting on the past

I heard myself say

“If I didn’t think I could do it, I didn’t.”

Like a bell going off it hit me.

I was avoiding driving  certain places because I was uncertain of my ability.

My confidence had been crushed.

But God.

Like being hit with lightening on a sunny day I stopped in my thinking tracks.

What had I been saying to myself?

I had been living as if there was no God.

But I know there is. I know His promises. I know when I am weak He is strong.

I had been giving in to negative thoughts and fears – yes paralyzing fears.

Without trusting in God – the One Who loves to do what seems impossible.

Suddenly I saw how wrong I had been.

He never changes. Stress and overwhelm in today’s world had overpowered me and impacted

my thoughts and decisions.

But God.

With fresh hope and new determination I’m grabbing my keys and driving today.

Out that road.

With God being my Helper.

Is there something you’ve been avoiding because you’re convinced that you can’t?

With Him all things ARE possible.

I believe that. Do you?


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