Sep 26, 2011


Seasons come and seasons go. That’s the nature of things. Fall,Winter, Spring and Summer. Each one has its own beauty. Each has something to teach us.

 At an older season than my peers I adopted a tiny six month old baby girl from Russia. She filled my world with laughter and giggles. Still does. While others were thinking about retirement I just kept mothering and working. It was that season for me. Then a few years later I adopted again. “Do you have any idea…?” I smile today remembering the words and cautions. I certainly knew my age and the season. My heart continues to weep for the needs of the orphans who wait. Gratitude fills my soul knowing that I am doing what I can do in each season of my life.

 During the season of parenting I stayed close to my girls. It was never a sacrifice but a joy to give them that security. Possible trips would come and go but unless we could all be together I did not go. Until now..

Today my oldest daughter shines with a beauty of character and a heart of compassion. At eighteen she is fully capable of stepping into my shoes and taking over the reins.

“Go, Mom,” she encouraged knowing about the upcoming possibility. I looked into her big brown eyes and checked the almost automatic ‘no’.

“Really, don’t miss this,” she insisted.

A change in seasons?  Could it be?

I looked at her and at her eleven year old sister. Yes, it would be a good opportunity for them. It was time.

Time for me to launch out into the sea of learning and new friendships. Time to grow.

And for my gals. A time to hold down the fort, so to speak. A time to grow even more.

Every season has it’s own unique beauty. I will always remember with joy the times of nurturing my little ones.  But it is time to embrace the new season and watch my girls grow into womanhood. As they cheer for me I am cheering loudly for them.

“He who began a good work in you will continue to do it until He comes, (Phil 1:6)

Yes, every season has its own beauty. Are you experiencing the beauty of your season right now? If not, ask yourself why not.  Don’t miss the season.






  1. bbrunophotography

    …and I am cheering you all on from the sidelines.
    God holds every seasons. I love that you’re taking this opportunity to let him grow your girls and nurture your love for people, Sharon. Have a wonderful time!


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