Shining Moments

Aug 17, 2012

Don’t you ever wish you could just erase the slate
and start all over?
All errors,
Years ago I’d wash the blackboard in my classroom every afternoon.
washing away all the letters and numbers
all the sentences and names
and date.
Gone. Just like that. I can still smell that freshly washed blackboard.
ready for the next day.
no mistakes.
When my girls and I go to the beach we enjoy spending lots of time on the sandy beach
Building sandcastles
Walking back and forth
Drawing pictures and writing words.
Sometimes just curling our toes into the soft warm sand and feeling its texture.
But every night
the sand is graciously cleaned by God. Up and down the beach I see it.
Yes, every sandcastle…gone.
every words and picture erased.
not even a sign of the previous day’s activity.
Although I am sometimes very sad to see all our creative masterpieces washed away
I am thankful for the new beginnings.
Oh yes, my heart sings.
A washed chalkboard.
A clean beach.
And new hearts.
Marvelous grace of our loving Lord
Grace that exceed our sins and our guilt.
Like the mighty wave that covers the sandy beach
God’s grace is greater than all our sin and guilt.
It is all too easy to begin to feel that something
or someone is just too bad to be forgiven. But that’s not true.
But our God’s love is greater than All our sin and our guilt.
Yes, like the powerful waves smoothing the sand
and erasing all signs
Freely bestowed on all who believe.
The very thought of His amazing grace
Causes me to drop to my knees in awe and deep reverence.
Everywhere you look there are people needing to know that His Grace
Is greater than all their sins
that His Grace can remove it all.
Better than the best written song
the joy filled sounds of His Amazing Grace continue to cleanse all the dirt
and all the unbelievable grim as we reach out to Him
leaving the beach of our hearts smooth and new.
Amazing isn’t it?
Amazing and so true.


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