Shining Moments

Aug 18, 2012

Another day.

   A gift I’ve been given

       to invest in ways that will matter.

A visit here.

A greeting there.

A touch of care in a world that becomes more impersonal with time.

Open my eyes, I pray, to see

    to really see the needs all around me.

It is  all too easy to look and not see.

To be so focused on my own agenda

   rather than noticing the heavy burden another is bearing.

Children all around excited about school beginning

Teachers anticipating that first day

    needing understanding

    looking for support.

I feel their hearts. Many years as a first grade teacher has made me sensitive

   to the needs of teachers, students and parents.

Coaching is another  way

   to reach out to people

   to teach skills that will make all the difference

      from having just another year

       to having a ‘wow’ year.

Spread the word

   let me know.

Another day.

   A gift we have been given.

Don’t settle for less.

No, reach for the stars.

Give it your all.

And remember

   You can be much more than you think you can!!!


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