Shining Moments

Aug 21, 2012

There are two days that I will never forget.

   Although the years have come and gone I will never forget that first day

   when I stood before my wide-eyed first graders

  for the first time

  as  their teacher.

It was in a small elementary school in upstate New York that I began my career.

And although I had prepared for weeks for that special day

  I still felt so small

    so unprepared

    so completely inadequate. Fears and jitters all over the place,

But before the day was over

   I was ‘in love’.

With my students

       my fellow teachers

       my calling.

God knew just what would thrill my soul and I loved being a teacher.

For twenty one years

    class after class

    I taught. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, History, Science, Music and more

Shining moments all over the place.

There was always something new

                                some fresh discovery or achievement.

Precious students. Precious memories.

I still hold them in my heart today.

Then there was another day

   that I will never forget. No sealed in my heart forever

   is the day I closed the door to my first grade classroom

  and walked the lonely hall for the last time.

It was not an easy decision

   matter of fact it ripped my heart.

I knew that I would miss the sound of the school bus

     The laughter of boys and girls

I knew that I would miss being part of the team of teachers.

Something like teaching gets in your bones

   but I had discovered another need

   a need to teach people how to live life at its best

  a need for skills in building healthy relationships

  and creating a purpose filled life.

So with my eyes looking forward to the countless lives

    that I would teach in the years to come

I walked

   away from teaching first graders

   to teaching individuals of all ages.

One slow step followed another as I walked that darkened hallway so many years ago

A necessary ending

    opening  the way to a new beginning.

Two days that I will never forget.

Two days that shine with their own beauty and brightness

    as I look back on my life.

Life is made up of beginnings and endings.

Catch their beauty as they shine. Cherish it.

Let their memories brighten today with gratitude and joy.

Today I am so privileged to coach individuals who live in distant places.

Still cheering them on

Still helping them succeed.

Hold onto the treasures of yesterday

   live today fully breathing in all its richness

   and look forward to great tomorrows

   as you walk with Him.


  1. clprbarth

    I’m praising God for all that you taught me in coaching me! I will miss our sessions. Thank you Sharon!!!

    • heartprintscoaching

      It’s been a pleasure. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me in the future. I’m still cheering you on.


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