Shining Moments

Aug 25, 2012

Her eyes met mine and I read her deep pain

          and loss

             and confusion.

So what do you do when suddenly your mate of many years


   leaving you all alone?

How do you begin again? she wondered.

How do you fill the empty moments..

    those stretches of time when you used to always  hear his voice

        or get a text?

How do you go on?

Her heart touched mine and our tears mingled freely.

Life can be so unexpected.

Life can be so hard.

Life can leave you breathless and gasping for air at times.

While the rest of the world seems to go on

   suddenly you are left

    with a million questions and a heart filled with pain.

Some answers are common.

Take one day at a time.

It will get better.

Be grateful for what you had.

All true but sounding so small compared to the greatness of the loss and pain.

I’ll never forget the words a dear friend shared years ago.

Whisper His Name.


Just whisper His Name and you will sense His very closeness.

I’ve done that

   Yes I encourage you to do that.

No matter where you are

  No matter what your need…

Whisper His Name.



The One Who knows all about your sorrow.

The One Who knows your heartbreak.

The One Who loves you more deeply than anyone.

Whisper His Name in your sadness

    and listen.

No one cares like Jesus.

He draws close in your pain and loss and wraps His loving arms around you.

He holds you tenderly wiping away your tears

    and gently rocks you through the long difficult daytime hours

    and throughout the darkest nights.

Like a mother caring for her baby

  Jesus softly holds you within His embrace and cares.

Do you know someone who is lonely today?

Someone whose world has shattered and doesn’t know where to turn?

Whisper His Name.


Are you struggling with pain and fears for tomorrow?

Whisper the precious Name of Jesus.

His Love will soothe all your fears and comfort you.


The Name above all Names.

Whisper His Name.


Thank you, Jesus.


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