Shining Moments

Aug 28, 2012

Adopting my second daughter took longer than the first

    but it was worth all the efforts. Definitely.

So although I longed to go back to Maine with both girls

 it was a couple of years until that day came.

“Jenny, do you want to see the ocean?”

She would giggle and squeal with laughter while we told her stories and stories

   about our adventures in Maine.

I’d show her old photos

  but no picture can really capture that great expanse of water.

  She’d just have to see it with her own eyes.

Finally the tickets were bought for us to fly

  and we knew that it would really be a reality.

All three of us..


    laughing in the breeze

    gathering sand dollars and licking our ice cream cones.

I will never forget the day when she first saw the ocean with her own eyes.

Speechless joy!

Back and forth she ran

   Never having thought it was as great as this.

Yes, I oftentimes think we will feel the same way when we see Jesus.

Wonder and awe that will leave us without words

   but on our knees.

No matter how often we read His Word

  still our finite minds can not take it in.

His Glory.

His Grace.

His Power.

My simple clicking on these keys falls far in efforts to describe it.

But that radiant wonder on Jenny’s face

  as she frolicked and played

  running barefoot on the long stretch of sand

     with the seagulls overhead

  gives me a glimpse of the joy that is before us.

Pure joy.

Up ahead.

Far greater than we can think or imagine.

My heart longs for that place in Maine

   but a greater longing is for Home.

To one day see Him face to face.

How about you?

Are you ready?

May our longings spur us on to spend each day wisely

   and joyfully.

It’s coming.


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