Shining Moments

Aug 29, 2012

In a world of big sunflowers

    one little violet has just as much worth.

Years ago I lived in the country

   where there were acres to walk. Plenty of grass to mow.

   Leaves to pile in the fall.

      and millions of violets covering the lawn in the summer.

I remember stooping down and drinking in their delicate beauty.

  laying down in the violets looking up into the big sky.

The smallness I felt only heightened my awareness of God’s greatness.

When I am small

   He shows Himself greater than all.

It is easy to feel invisible,


                                even discarded

in our world where beauty, money and position count.

There is a pervading sense of unworthiness among many.

I remember grabbing a $10 bill from my purse

   and asking my girls, “How much is this?”

“$10,” they’d say together.

Then I’d crumbled it,

                   step on  it,

                      even cover it with dirt

          and then hold up the bill again saying,

“What’s it worth now?”

They’d look at it and then back at me


“Right,” I’d say. “It doesn’t matter how much you are beaten down,

      Mistreated or ignored,

          your value is still great. That doesn’t change.”

Created in love,

   made in the image of God,

       born with value and a purpose.

 Touched by His Greatness you are just as important as another.

Sunflowers or violets

   they all serve their Creator.


   remember who you are

     and live the life Hs has given you with all you’ve got.

How I wish for one more afternoon when I could lay again

   surrounded by all those beautiful violets

  but if I can’t the memory shines brightly for me

  reminding me

  to be who  you are

  to be the best you can be

  to never think you are less.

No, in your Father’s eyes you are loved with an everlasting Love

   and underneath are the everlasting arms. (Deut 33:27)

Precious truths, don’t you think?


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