Shining Moments

Aug 30, 2012

It’s so hard to leave, I thought walking the beach for the last time.

Only God knew when we would be able to return.

So for now I had to take lots of pictures

    and memorize the sights and sounds.

Wish I could bottle the air and bring it home with me.

My eyes scanned the beach again

   resting on the stones.

Stones that represented years and years of smoothing by the powerful ocean.

Stones that reminded me of the one I sat on every day.

Stones that each held a story.

Yes, one stone would be just right.

I walked over and bent down to pick up one.

Whew, it was heavy

    but no store-bought souvenir could compare with it.

And I knew just where I would put it.

Well I ended up taking home a few stones that year

   carefully placing them in the front of our home.

Day after day I pass them

   remembering my bit of beach

   remembering the sight, sounds and special family times.

For some they might just look like stones.

But for me

    and my girls

      they remind us of a beautiful time

                                         and our little heaven on earth.

Life often gives us times when we can’t take it all.

    Yes, there is no way that we can hold onto everything.

That would be as foolish as trying to bag all the ocean

   But we can choose something here

                             a reminder there

So that we don’t forget in the passing of time.

The seashell on my desk reminds me of Maine.

That beautiful picture reminds me of my dear friend.

Those stones in front of our home

     reminds me of God’s gift of a place.

Take the time to hold and cherish.

Take time to give thanks for all God’s gifts.

He lovingly surrounds us with beautiful touches of heaven

   for those who have eyes to see them.

My soul fills with deep emotion when I gaze out upon the vast ocean

and it sings and sings.

What causes your soul to sing?



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    this is really beautiful !!! very very nice !!!

      • rvcallope

        hi dear, i would love to invite you to read my blog posts ??? looking forward for you dear.always. love rv.


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