Shining Moments

Sep 12, 2012

Down deep in my heart

    the ocean waves continue to splash and crash against the rocks.

The cry of the seagulls fill the air

   and the cold wet sand is beneath my feet.

Although I write today from my room in Virginia

  I hold tightly those memories to time spent at York Beach, Maine.

Guess the truth is

   that even though physically I am in Virginia my heart remains on my bit of beach.

I am energized in the moment remembering and listening to the song of the surf

   I cherish within.

It might be easy to have the positive benefits of a vacation

   ripped away suddenly upon return home

but I guard against that by taking specific steps.

First, I try to continue some of our vacation habits.

No, not blueberry muffins every day

   but I do try to take a walk outside in the fresh air.

That restores my body and clears my mind.

We talk about our time up north

   the friendly people

     the crazy long walks we took

     the leisure moments we had to read and read and read.

And then when all is quiet

  its as if I can still hear the sound coming from Nubble Lighthouse

    on a foggy day.

A lonely sound

  almost sad it seemed

   but persistently calling to one and all

    warning them of the rocks nearby.

Our world is filled with sharp rocks

  and dangers on every side. You see it and so do I.

People are desperately looking for safety and security.

It might seem silly

   but I long to be like that lighthouse

   faithfully proclaiming Hope and Healing

     to one and all.

Day in and day out

  in all kinds of weather.

Yes, I yearn to share His Love

   so that others will know where to turn when life crashes in upon them.

Well, its time for me to go to work

Yes, I’ll take my bit of the beach with me today

    a shell here and picture there

   and turn on the foghorn.

Maybe some lost soul will see the light.




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