Shining Moments

Sep 15, 2012

All night I sat up gazing out upon the dark ocean

    listening to the splash of the waves

     waves that thundered and crashed.

All night I thought about our beautiful time by the sea

  and how very blessed we were to have had it.

Why, many people never see the ocean in their entire life.

I dare not wonder if or when we would ever return.

No, the future is fragile

   Held in the Hands of the One Who loves us and does all things well.

I refuse to entertain doubts but will trust in Him.

Early in the morning while it was still dark

   the alarm went off.

breaking the hours of sleep and sounding the news that it was time to pack

   time to prepare for re-entry…to reality.

My daughters and I busied ourselves folding and packing

   our suitcases.

Minutes ticked by

   bringing us closer to the time when we must say goodbye to my bit of beach.

Occupying ourselves with preparations helped

   but did not dim our awareness.

This was the last day.

In a few hours we would be off. Miles away. Hurried into the noisy airport and then

   whisked back to home.

Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz might have cried

   there’s no place like home

      but my feelings were so mixed this morning.

Finally all our bags were packed and lined up at the door.

I glanced again out the big window and noticed a light shining in the east.

If we hurried we just might glimpse one more sunrise.

How perfect.

Together we walked outside and down the familiar sidewalk.

The walk upon which we had made so many trips

   back and forth

      to the beach

      to Long Sands General Store

and as we walked quietly this morning

my eyes were glued as it were

   to the changing horizon.

Gradually the sky grew lighter

     brightening up the long beach.

I stopped and watched

   like seeing the unfolding of a miracle before one’s eyes.

Marveling at the glistening sand and dancing diamonds on the oceans surface.

A sunrise

    speaking a new beginning

                   and hope

               and tomorrow to my heart.

 Again I began to understand what I have sensed before.

Yesterday is to be treasured

      memories are for keeping

      but every day brings a new tomorrow

 and those tomorrows are bright and filled with promises.

I smiled into the early morning breeze and held my daughters close.

Just as true as the sunrise before us was the promise of more tomorrows

   to hold and to cherish.

Life must be lived today

   with open hands to receive all our Father gives us.

Trusting Him.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

   Just to take Him at His Word

Grateful for yesterday

   Embracing the gift of today

      And trusting Him with all our tomorrows.

Yes, there is peace in that.

And so with that I turned and walked away from my little bit of heaven on earth

holding the gifts within my heart

never to be forgotten

but treasured always.






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