Shining Moments

Sep 17, 2012

Every day is a new adventure.

    Every day is filled with fresh possibilities.

It’s all too easy to sit in the easy chair and settle for less in life, don’t you think?

Coming home from a wonderful vacation left us with not only suitcases to unpack

    and lots of clothes to wash

     but also a need for a refocusing.

You can’t live off of the joys of yesterday.

No life is meant to be lived forward

   brightened by the shining moments of yesterdays

   but energized

         by the light of His Presence in the now.

I read it again and again in scripture

  ‘Get up’   to the lame beggar (John 5:6)

   Get up’   to the beloved Dorcas who had died  (Acts 9:40)

   Get up    to Aeneas who had been paralyzed and bedridden for 8 years (Acts 9:34)


There is work to be done today.

There are people that need our touch today.

There are things to do that only you can do.

       Things that only I can do.

We must be focused on what is at hand

   moment by moment

   day by day.

Seize the day. Embrace all the moments to love deeply and give yourself away.

Life is fleeting; the moments are passing.

At the park on Saturday I looked around at all the beauty

    I breathed in the crisp, fall-like air

    I listened to the sounds of birds and leaves rustling in the breeze

  and once more I rejoiced.

God’s gifts are for every day.

He showers His Love all around us in countless ways.

All too often though we are too busy to notice

  but when we slow our pace and open our eyes we are amazed.


That’s was just how I felt when I saw this heron at the park on Saturday.

Beautiful to behold.

So unexpected at our local park

   but there just the same. Looking quite pleased with himself.

Today has its own gifts.

  All around on every side.

A  tender child

  A dear friend

     The nuzzling of a beloved dog

          And the song of a bird sweetly singing through the day.

Gather your gifts while you can.

   Always praising the Giver of all.

Get up, my friends.

Get up.





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