Shining Moments

Sep 20, 2012

This shining moment shone with brightness like none other

   and left a memory and a reminder that lightens my steps today.

Yesterday my youngest daughter and I decided to go out for a short run around the

neighborhood. The weather was cool; just right for running.

We started out down the road in our subdivision, chatting back and forth as we always do

    rounded a bend in the road

   when all of a sudden I heard a voice.

      I looked up and saw an elderly woman with a walker looking our way.

Stopping, I ran up to her as she stood in front of her house.

“Could you help me?” she said. She looked so frail. So small.


“I’ve called other people but no one is able to help me.”

Her eyes glanced down at the big green trash container.

“Could you move this out to the curb and then put my walker in the back of my car?”

No problem, I thought.

I quickly dragged the trash container to the curb and then with the help of my daughter

   lifted the walker into the back of her car

    while the lady

        now smiling

            got herself settled in her car.

“Thank you,” she said. “I don’t know what I would have done today.”

God knew her need.

He always sees and knows and cares.

“I believe God wanted us to come just at that time

     to help you.”

“I think so too.”

We went on our way running and talking about how glad we were to be able to help.

A shining moment to be sure.

Voices are crying all around us but oftentimes it’s hard to hear.

The noise of our world

     The fast pace of living

         all too often drowns out the softer cries for help

           particularly of the children and the elderly.

Open my ears, Lord, and let me hear.

Tune my heart to Thee and keep me walking in step with your Spirit

   so that I can lend a hand

     to another.

Shining moments happen in the most unexpected times and places.

Look for them.

They often happen at a point of need.

The wind of His Spirit causes an intersect where we are given a choice.

We could so easily have simply kept on running.

We could so easily..

      the thought makes me shiver

          have not even heard her soft, weak cry for help.

Yes, the opportunity to help another might have been missed.

Shining moments all around.

Look for them.

Your life will never be the same.



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