Shining Moments

Sep 22, 2012

The handwriting is slightly faded but still clear enough to read.

I looked at the swirls and the letters

    and remembered the joys of cooking with my mom.

Recipe after recipe we fixed together all the while sharing back and forth.

My mom inherited her love for cooking from my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother

   and guess its been passed down to me.

Fixing a new dish of preparing an old favorite are enjoyable pastimes.

But this morning as I scanned the familiar handwriting my heart wandered

    back to days of old.

And caused me to reflect upon some treasured moments.

Boiled raison cakes (always prepared around the holidays)

Tuna noodle casserole

Shoofly pie

Meatloaf (my grandmother’s recipe)

  and on and on.

I remember the day my mom passed her recipe book on to me.

Filled with old, treasured recipes.

She had written inside it

    dated it

     and sealed it with love.

“Enjoy this,” she had said that day so long ago.

Hmm, she had no idea how much I love seeing her familiar handwriting and those old recipes.

Or, on second thought, maybe she did.

She had gotten them from her mother years before.

Yes, words written in love mean so much, don’t they?

I treasure today the handwriting of my two girls

    each with her own unique style of writing.

I carefully fold the notes and cards and hide them away.

And then I think of Another’s writing.


His Word.

The most treasured of all to me.

Words carefully passed down from the Father’s Heart to me

   and to you.

Written with love

   and His blood poured out so that we might never forget His Everlasting Love

      and the price that He paid

         for us.

Jesus paid it all;

All to Him I owe.

Sin had left a crimson stain

He washed it white as snow.


My heart overflows with deep gratitude whenever I read the scriptures.

Wonderful words of life.

My mom’s handwriting will always remind me of sweet times together

    and that great day a-coming.

My Bible reminds me of His Amazing Love.

Cherish the handwritings

and rejoice in His Words.

Let them change your life and they have mine.


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