Shining Moments

Sep 24, 2012

Waiting can be excruciating.

Day after day

     the phone doesn’t ring

     nothing in the mail

     not even an email or a text.

You pray and give it to God

    remembering all His many promises

    you might even sing a praise song or two

    but then that thought comes again

    and worry.




          is it taking so long?

I have been in the school of waiting for many years of my life.

Waiting to have children

   Waiting for a counseling internship

      Waiting to hear from a publisher about a piece I had submitted.

        Waiting for a check that I’ve desperately needed to pay some bills.

Along with waiting

    comes worry.

What if ………..?

Then what?

Did Abraham ring his hands day after day as he waited for the promised son to be born?

Did Mary become sick with anxiety as she waited to see

  how the birth of Jesus would possibly take place?

I don’t think so.

No, in the midst of their thoughts and curiosities about how, when, and where

    God would do what He said

     They had  peace

      that God,

          The Lord of all Heaven and Earth

             Would do what He said He would do.

Yes, they received His gift of peace

    The peace that passes all understanding.


   all too often in our fast paced, noisy world

      we do not sit still enough to receive His Peace.

His peace is stronger than all our doubts and fears. It’s not like the peace this world gives.

Why His Peace can still those stormy waves and quiet the raging winds.

His Peace has not changed.

He still quiets stormy hearts that reaches out to Him for help.

Are you waiting today for something?

Is your heart weary and worn?

Reach out to Him

   The One Who longs to draw you close to His Heart.

Be still in His Presence and receive His gift of peace today.

He’ll never disappoint you

  although the wait maybe very long.

He didn’t disappoint Abraham

     or Mary.

He didn’t delay one minute more for Noah.


   and it came to pass.

Yes, God’s time came.

It will come for you to, my friend.

Remember His Faithfulness and Love.

Let this time of waiting be turned to a testimony of worship

   that nothing can shake.


 Peace be still.


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