Shining Moments

Sep 26, 2012

It was a rainy day that my girls and I set out on foot to walk to Foxes Lobster House

   in hopes of getting some food.

What else do you do when you are at the beach

  and it’s raining hard outside?

What else do you do when you have no car and walk everywhere?

So we trudged through the rain that day until we came to the restaurant

placed our order. No line or crowd this day.

Waited until they handed us a big bag filled with fried clams, chicken tenders and fries.

How about some ice cream? someone asked.

I brushed my wet hair back from my face

   looked around at the thick grey sky and softly falling rain

   and decided ‘why not’.

So we walked further up the side street, discovered that Browns was open too

  and ordered three cones.

By now that rain had eased to a slight drizzle but we were soaked.

But it had been years since we were here in Maine

Years since we had had an ice cream cone from Browns.

So it was worth it all. To us.

As we walked back that afternoon

   licking the fast melting cones

   shoes squishing with rain

I noticed a house with grey siding

     one of those big ocean view ones

      to my left.

Over the door was a sign that I will never forget.

“Someday Happened”

Someone had once had a dream

    a longing

     a hope

         to live right there beside the Atlantic Ocean where the waves crash over the big rocks


    for them

      Someday Happened.

Joy. Excitement. Celebration.

What hope rings in those words.

My heart wanders back to the things I yearned for when I was young.

Children. My own little family. To be able to touch the lives of others.

Someday Happened for me too.

What about you?

And then my heart looks ahead to the things I still yearn for,

     pray about, seek God’s will on.


Like my Father whispering through the fog and the rain that day

  He breathed hope to my heart.

Keep working

    be faithful in saving

    don’t ever give up.

So often we have not because we give up.

Since we have no vision we are easily distracted by other things

   that are frequently good

   and in so doing we eventually let go of our original vision.

The key I believe

   is what is God’s Purpose and Plan for our life.

What has He equipped us to do?

What has He whispered to you in the middle of the night?
He is the God Who still loves that word Impossible.

Don’t let go of your dreams.

Yes, it might take a long time.

It might takes seasons and seasons of scrimping and saving

   but don’t give up.

Yes, I have a few of my own longings that await those words


   being hung over them.

So I will keep working,

     revising the plan, tweaking my focus

      and trust in Him with all my tomorrows.

In His Time

   In His Time

     He makes all things beautiful in  His Time.

Words I softly sung as I waited to bring my daughters home from Russia

Words I keep singing today.

Keep on believing.

Waiting doesn’t mean never. It just means not now.

Be encouraged today

    and prepare to hang that sign.




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