Shining Moments

May 9, 2012

She was only seventeen at the time. But to me at seven she walked on water.

Every Sunday she was there to teach my Sunday school class and oh how I loved it.

Using flannel graph lessons and music she brought the Bible stories alive.

Jonah and the whale.

Moses and the Ten Commandments.

The walls of Jericho crashing down.

Her face would light up with excitement as she spoke about Jesus and His Power to wash away all our sins and change our lives from the inside out.

My heart would beat fast as I was drawn to this life of faith and purpose

    as I was moved to give my life completely to Him

It was a marvelous but very short time in my life

   For all too soon this special, brown-haired, smiling young teacher left

 and I was sad.

She moved away to go on to college to prepare to be a missionary nurse.

I wrote her for awhile but then we moved and I lost track.

     Later heard she went to Africa as a nurse.

  Touching many lives, healing many hurts

Yes, it’s been more than fifty years since those days but the memory of her still shines brightly.

Don’t you want to be like that for others?

That years after you leave, they remember you with fondness as being a person

Of character and purpose

One who is committed to the Call of serving Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

No, it wasn’t her clothes

     Or the way she fixed her hair  (I can’t even remember that)

It wasn’t the games she played with us

     Or the jokes she shared…or the snacks we ate.

No, it was her simple love for Jesus that spoke volumes to me as a child.

Being a person who leaves a heartprint in others’ lives

Being one who leaves a fragrance wherever you go.

Join me, won’t you, in shining brightly wherever you are.

You in your small corner….

         And I in mine.

Have a great day!



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