Shining Moments

Oct 2, 2012

She and I worked side by side on that old makeshift  Roman clock.

   Many years ago. She had the energy and ideas. I brought enthusiasm and determination.

Hours were spent making that clock.

Memories of Latin banquets flood my mind. Way back then.

Shining moments from yester-year.

Singing together. High school concerts, classes, chats in the hallway.

It was a world so different from today

    and like in the game of Red Rover

    we locked our hands together.

But then life came

   our paths went in different directions.

Each dealing with challenges and changes and choices.


    our hands let go.


It happens all too easily, doesn’t it?

Many times not because you want to let go. No it seldom becomes a conscious choice

   but the energy is not put into the relationship anymore.

Other things become more important.

How sad it is when hands that have shared such precious times together

   let go

   and many times you never hear from them again.


  its never too late.

It might take a little work

     a little searching

        or asking a question here or there

  It might feel awkward taking that first step but people are worth it.

Yes, in a disposable society where its all too easy to just move on

   maybe its wise to glance back

   and ask yourself whose hand did you used to hold?

   Who used to share laughs with you and special times?

Resist that tendency to just move forward and forget;

Make new friends and say it has to be.

No, if someones name comes to mind

  maybe it’s time to

    seek them out.

I did just that.

I searched and found her.

A shining moment to hear from her again after all these years.

Picking up hands again. Valuing the friendship. Honoring what is.

Relationships take work but people are worth it.

Nothing gives me more shining moments than hearing from dear friends of mine.

So how about taking that first step. You game?

Red Rover Red Rover …….

Remember that rule? Don’t let go of the hand you hold.

We need each other.


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