Shining Moments

Oct 4, 2012

‘When you walk through the storm

   Keep your head up high’

As I played the piano my eyes gazed across those singing in the chor.

How could it possibly be that this was our last concert

     Our last time singing together?

Tears pressed behind my eyes blurring the notes in front of me.

I was glad that I knew the accompiament so well.

And don’t be afraid of the dark.

I was afraid. No doubt about it.

The very thought of graduating from high school

   and leaving Owego to go hours and hours away to college

   filled me with great fear.

These were the kids I knew

   and this was the world I had grown to feel safe in.

At the end of the storm

   Is a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of the lark

No, I couldn’t see it back then so many years ago.

My fears loomed so large

   and my confidence so small.

All that I knew as the choir sang that last song

   was that everything was changing.

That within days everyone would be going their separate ways.

and then what?

Fast forward time to today.

At this moment my high school class is coming from north, south, east and west

    to celebrate the 45th year class reunion.

My heart has difficulty grasping the passage of so many years.

For me, its like yesterday that we sang that song.

Walk on through the wind

Walk on through that rain

Tho your dreams be tossed and blown.

We’ve certainly experienced that.

One after another has a story to tell of the challenges they’ve faced

    the difficulties overcome.

But what thrills me so much today

   Is that we are still walking on.

Walk on

Walk on

   With hope in your heart.

Life can be excruciating at times

    Knocking you completely off balance

Life can leave you gasping for breath and wondering if you’ll ever be alright again.

But you keep walking

   One foot put in front of the other one.

   Keep moving forward.


    Beginning to see more that I ever could when I was eighteen.


    You’ll never walk alone.


No there is one who walks beside us

    Always loving. Always caring.

      Longing for us to open our eyes and see Him.

He is the Unseen Presence. The One Who wants to be more than an idea

    Or a concept

     Or a creed.

He is Life and offers us life abundant.

Yes, lots of changes in the past few years.

Classmates gathering soon. Celebrating the good times and the old.

Yes, I can still hear the last measures of that song

   You’ll never walk alone.

Truth that makes the most fearful ones of us

    strong and confident as we face life today.



* You’ll Never Walk Alone by Rogers and Hammerstein



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