Shining Moments

Oct 6, 2012

Time flies. We say it frequently

We know it me mentally but somehow seeing the results of the passing of time

leave us shocked. I had such a moment a few days ago when by chance,

I happened to google the address of our old house

where I lived so many years ago.

Although its been a long time it still feels like my home.

My heart overflows with pain and pleasure.

Like slowly opening a mysterious old chest

I looked at photos of that house again today.

Yes, I saw the map and knew exactly the setting.

I gazed at the street in front of the house thinking about the many times I had walked

the sidewalks.

As I clicked on photos of that lovely house I was surprised by the flood of emotions.

Yes, there’s the screened in porch. The sun room. The upstairs window.

Gazing at the bedrooms windows I could easily pick out my own. The room I shared with my sister.

Seeing the living room windows where we gathered on  many a-night and I often played the piano.

And as I gazed at the photo I heard as it were the voices from the past. Precious voices.

The lawn of the property was the same

but I could almost see those beloved faces looking out the windows again. Smiling at me.

Time flies.

Trees grow.

People change.


and this is what still lifts my spirits.

Some things do not change.

Even though the passing of more than 40 years I could still see where we had raked so many piles and piles of leaves.

And  I could still see where we arranged Christmas lights around the front door.

Yes and the love I still feel for the ones who lived there with me

is stronger than ever.

For love is eternal. Genuine love never changes.

Like whispers from the past I am reminded how blessed I am

in so many, many ways. Gifts from the Father.

Yes, time flies. Life passes quickly.

Every day is another day to live fully

love deeply

and laugh wholeheartedly

knowing that nothing is ever wasted.

All those glorious memories brighten today

giving light along the pathway of life.

Reminding us to treasure today,

to hold closely the ones you love

and to live each moment as if it were your last.

Lick the ice cream cones now.

Give the gift today.

Go and see that one while you can.

For time flies but His Love keeps reaching.




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