Shining Moments

Oct 10, 2012

Work Out

    Something I need but often don’t get.

How about you?

I totally enjoy jogging 3-4 miles up and down the streets

    but that’s not always possible.

Weather, demands of my job, responsibilities

But now that’s changed.

      for 30 days at least.

Yes, I signed up for a one month membership at a local fitness center.

So excited.


This morning was our first day to get a real work out.

Treadmill, lifting weights.

    up and down

      breathing hard


work out.

The lift always comes when I finish

     the work out.

Somehow everything goes smoother.

I have more energy

    More snap in my step

     Just an all over together feeling.

Why do I sometimes say that I don’t have time?

Could it be that when I work out I gain the time at the other end?

How about you?

Are you working out on a regular basis?

   Do you walk? Or jog or lift any weights?

Maybe its time to consider a work out.

Before the cold of winter settles in

     Before the holidays

        Be intentional

        Boost your energy

         Give yourself that gift of fitness.

Work out.

Those words remind me of deep truth.

    ‘Work out your salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who is at work in you  both to will and to work for His  Pleasure.’ Philippians 2:12, 13

He is at work. A promise to know. A reassurance to cling to. A hope to stand upon.

While we are responsible to work out….to live out our salvation with an awareness and reference of Him and also an understanding of our dependence on  Him.

   He continues to lovingly work in us

        changing us

            transforming us into all He wants us to be.

Work out

Yes, it’s a time of working out.

We work out

    and He works in

 I just get excited at that picture.

How about you?




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