Shining Moments

Oct 17, 2012

An earthquake in Maine?  Maine?

I scurried to read the news to see where in Maine it was.

Epicenter-Lake Arrowhead. Never heard of it

so I checked the maps.

Found York Beach, Maine. Too close. Much too close.

My heart beat rapidly thinking about my northern friends.

Having experienced an earthquake here in Virginia last summer

I remembered

the loud noise

the rumbling and shaking of glass

the racing outside fearful of what might happen next.

Living through an earthquake changes you.

From then on

you wonder

and no longer feel secure even in your home.

I contacted my friends and am relieved to know that all is well

in my favorite part of the world.

All is well

Thank you God.

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love

for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace removed,” says the Lord

Who has compassion on you.

When all else rattles and shakes we lean on the One Who stands firm.

Unfailing Love.

No matter what love.

Totally undeserved.

Earthquakes remind me that His Love will never be shaken.

We can stand secure knowing that His Love endures everything.

Do you know Him in that way?

In the midst of constant change

political debates

and an ocean of  unknowns

He is our firm foundation.



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