Shining Moments

Oct 19, 2012

It was only a few months after 9/11 and I was scheduled to fly to Ukraine to

adopt my second child.

I was apprehensive

about leaving my daughter who was only 8 at the time

about the adoption process that was different from Russia where I had gone previously

about my safety.

But I had to go.

Difficult to explain but if you have ever experienced

that sense of call

then you know and understand.

I prayed throughout the flight

and over the next 3 weeks as I was taken from one region to another

in search of a little girl that matched my needs.

Each time I’d enter an orphanage my heart would beat wildly with excitement

but then it would rapidly plunge

when I would be told

that ‘no’. ‘there was no child available’.

I called home every few days to speak with my daughter

always aware of her

carrying her in my heart wherever I went

but missing her terribly.

At one point I flew to a place close to the Black Sea.

High security.

Not safe at all but that’s where I was.

Went in another orphanage praying

“Oh Lord, please help my little girl to be here.”

But the director just shook her head.

No, no girl.


oh yes,

there was a boy.

I’ll never forget it. A boy?!!

I met him. He was a very nice little boy. Cute as anything.

Three of four adults watched as I interacted with him.

A strong boy, they said. Boys are good.

“Yes, yes, I know,” I said.

“Boys are great but I am a single woman

and my daughter is counting on a little sister.”

I tried to get them to understand

but they never did. They simply didn’t see why I couldn’t bring him home

and surprise her.

But I knew better.

No,  I said, sadly and walked out of yet another orphanage.

It happened a few more times

until the facilitator who felt badly that there was seemingly no baby girl to be found


“Would you like to go to the church?”

“To pray?”

I’ll never forget my joyful surprise to be asked that.

God knew my need.

He was all I had..

all I needed.

So I was dropped off at a church in the southern part of Ukraine

halfway around the world.

Alone but not alone.

I remembered climbing the steps and walking into the darkened room.

The lighted candles all over.

The statues.

Surrounded by the unfamiliar

But God was there.

And I stood and simply bowed my head and prayed

and poured out my need.

Peace came over me and around me. It was a moment that I will never forget.

Watching those precious people move in and out of the church that day

and I along with them.

All so different but then again

so much alike.

Turning our hearts toward heaven.

And how about you?

Your place might not even be a church

because we can meet Him anywhere.

Call unto Me and I will answer you. Jeremiah 33:3

Yes, I ended up flying back to the States with empty arms a few days later

and it would be two more years until I found my sweet Jenny

but that prayer in that Ukraine  church will stay with me

for a lifetime.

God met me there and spoke peace to my soul.

He’ll meet you

wherever you are.

because He loves you with an everlasting Love.



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