Shining Moments

Oct 23, 2012

Life has changed alot from those days of Father Knows Best,

       Metal lunch boxes that flew open at the worst of times,

       Playing kickball outside with the neighborhood kids.

Listening to the crickets singing on a late summer’s evening.

Evenings of homework and then family times.

But even though in a way it seems different

    some things remain the same.

People still matter.

Children still light up my world.

Older ones continue to speak words of wisdom

     as they remember a different time

      and a different world.

Ordinary days are filled with the extraordinary

    for those who see it.

Truth is stronger than evil

   although it might not look like it.

And even though it might seem like your individual efforts

    on any given day

    are not appreciated

  there is One Who knows.

Yes, He knows your heart.

He knows how very hard you are trying.

He knows and cares

   about you.

An old chorus used to go…’It matters to Him about you.”

As a growing girl I’d sing along and often wonder.

How could a God I could not see

    possibly know and care?

But He does.

So whatever you are experiencing this day

   let the light of this Truth brighten your moments.

He knows. He cares.

   His love is everlasting.

The days are growing shorter. Practically dark when I awaken now.

Changes ever so slightly.

But there is One Who never changes.

Let Him draw you to Himself today

    and nestle in His arms.

Yes, relax and sink into His Love that will never let you go.


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